How To Use Paraphrase In Research Paper Writing

How To Use Paraphrase In Research Paper Writing

In general, it is advisable to write your research papers in your own words and turn to quotation as a last resort only. In order to avoid plagiarism in your research paper you should use paraphrase – a tool for conveying the information from the original sources in your own words. Paraphrase, according to Essay Editing Service, should always be close to the original text without repeating it word for word. Our editors will give you some tips on the art of paraphrasing your research paper.

How To Use Paraphrase In Research Paper Writing

It is always hard to differentiate for students which information should be quoted and which paraphrased when it comes to research paper writing. Our service wants to help you by helping you understand the difference. So, you should quote directly from a source when:

You want to show that a famous scientist has said something to underpin your point.

To present a position, argument or critique of another scientist.

You need to present a particular information the meaning of which will get lost during paraphrase.

There are some specific terms which cannot be rephrased.

On the other hand, when it is the idea of the original material which matters, you need to use paraphrase in your research paper to communicate it. Make sure to read the source thoroughly first and then put the gist of it on the paper in your own words. Try to find as many synonyms to the words of the original source as you can in order to avoid being accused in plagiarism.

Research Paper Paraphrasing Assistance

If you are still not sure where to use quotation and where paraphrase in your research paper, you can always consult our Essay Editing Service. Be certain that if you order research appear editing from us, our expert editors will improve the content of the research paper making sure that it is 100% plagiarism-free. Order from us now – make one step forward to your academic success!

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